Sunday, April 12, 2009

Alex's Football

This picture was taken after Alex's football games at Murray. It's his 15th birthday and they won. All four of the kids look happy at the same time, something that doesn't happen in reality very often. I use it as my screen saver on my cell phone.
Alex looks sufficiently worn and rugged after the game, Holly, Jenny and Max are leaning in and having fun too! I cheered so loud I lost my voice and Greg let the referees know when they missed a call.
Alex is starting to get in shape for this year's season, I personally can't wait for a few crisp fall nights to sit in the stands and pretend I'm back in Pep Club again.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This is a headstone I found while at a funeral for my uncle. Notice that there are three children buried here, siblings, and that they all died the same day they were born. I can't believe that some poor family had to bury three children within a few years of each other. How horrible would that be to deal with.

And this was not a grave from some pioneers crossing the plains in the 1800's, this is the United States of America where health care was available. I tear up everytime I see this picture.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is what happened to me on my last trip to Las Vegas. On the fourth pull of the handle. I won $1000! It was a penny machine so I was convinced that I'd won 1000 pennies, hey, $10 is a good jackpot, right. I argued with the lady who kept trying to give me the money, 'It's not in a straight line, it can't be $1000!" Finally she said, "Do you want this money or should I keep it?" I took it. Still unconvinced I'd won it fairly, but now with it enough to quit arguing.

Greg and I are going back in a week or so, with our next jackpot we're paying off the house and buying two tickets to Australia! See ya soon, Byz!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Having absolutely no luck posting a picture here from my computer. I had these grand plans to put up a pic a day and blog with it, kind of a family album, family history and communicate with my friends at the same time. Where are those computer savvy kids when I need them? At school, you say? Oh, yeah. Right where I left them this morning.

Last April Fools Day, Max, eight years old at the time, managed to turn everything on my screen to one side, rotated one quarter of a turn. Thought it was funny. When I tried to do my writing, my neck got tired of craning to one side, so I turned the whole monitor on it's end, so I could see better. Wrote a whole two chapters of Silk Sheets like that. When they returned home from school, they really thought I had been creative solving the April Fools joke they had played on me. Two quick key strokes put everything right again. Little gremlins!

Friday, April 3, 2009

My Gentleman Son--Max

For the past few days, as I leave for work, my son Max walks me to the car and opens the door, closing it behind me like a true gentleman. Quite a feat for a nine year old if I do say so myself. How did I get such a thoughtful son?

This is a picture of him with my grandson, Tommy Boy, hiding under the dining room table in their secret hideout. Notice the sleeping cat, Garfield, and the large black dog, Sammy, hiding along with them. Looks like only boys allowed!

Max has started to really enjoy doing his oral book talks and nonfiction reports in front of the class. His reading, and math skills are growing exponentially as well. Not bad for a little 3 pound premature boy.

I still remember holding him as an infant,in my arms and watching the new century ring in with fireworks and the terror that only Y2K could inspire in my heart. We managed to survive that imagined disaster, and many real ones as well over the years. What a boy!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Posted a new WTC chapter today! My beta sent me four other chapters ready to go up and I have two others very close to ready. And joy of joys, I've figured out where to end this, finally. It's wonderful to have a plan and not fly by the seat of my pants as we come into the final stretch.

Hope to finish this series up soon, need to find some original fiction to work on. I can do it, just look at my Writer's Retreat flash fictions!

My First Blog!

Here's my first blog. Watch me grow!