Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is what happened to me on my last trip to Las Vegas. On the fourth pull of the handle. I won $1000! It was a penny machine so I was convinced that I'd won 1000 pennies, hey, $10 is a good jackpot, right. I argued with the lady who kept trying to give me the money, 'It's not in a straight line, it can't be $1000!" Finally she said, "Do you want this money or should I keep it?" I took it. Still unconvinced I'd won it fairly, but now with it enough to quit arguing.

Greg and I are going back in a week or so, with our next jackpot we're paying off the house and buying two tickets to Australia! See ya soon, Byz!

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  1. You will have to pack your woolens, it's cooling down fast. Have loads of fun in Vegas!!! :)