Monday, April 6, 2009

Having absolutely no luck posting a picture here from my computer. I had these grand plans to put up a pic a day and blog with it, kind of a family album, family history and communicate with my friends at the same time. Where are those computer savvy kids when I need them? At school, you say? Oh, yeah. Right where I left them this morning.

Last April Fools Day, Max, eight years old at the time, managed to turn everything on my screen to one side, rotated one quarter of a turn. Thought it was funny. When I tried to do my writing, my neck got tired of craning to one side, so I turned the whole monitor on it's end, so I could see better. Wrote a whole two chapters of Silk Sheets like that. When they returned home from school, they really thought I had been creative solving the April Fools joke they had played on me. Two quick key strokes put everything right again. Little gremlins!

1 comment:

  1. That was a cool April Fools day trick!

    You can still post a photo a day...get future S-I-L to teach you how to do it, so it's always smooth without hitches. I would love to see your family album here.